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"Healing is a process

and an investment in that process

and a willingness to take responsibility  for that process."  Barry Helm

"There is a direct correlation between investment in self,

investment in life, and a return on that investment."  Barry Helm

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What my clients have to say:


"Beloved Barry... Namasté,

I AM so grateful to you for so freely sharing your Gift. I have been reborn many, many times... I figured, one more time wouldn't hurt... much. I AM so grateful for the time, effort, and energy you poured into my family.  We have been so stuck, for so long, it feels wonderful to have the energy flowing again. I can never repay you, for your kindness and generosity. No Separation... No Limitation". M

Thank you so much for hooking me up with Barry He's a GEM Really seemed to Rebalance and center me I'm feeling really GREAT! Thanks again

"Barry, I was just speaking of you to a client how I feel good in my body today because of you!" a w

"Barry, I want to thank you for the healing work that you did for me at the MUM Expo in PA.  You are more than I expected.  My experience was profound.  You went into the spaces that I did not even know existed. You freed me in some way; I feel that I am actually back in my own body and that I am capable of making sound decisions and being in control of my life.  
Thank you for not abandoning the process; I needed you in some way unknown to me and you were there.  Thank you.  
I loved your humor, and you referring to me as, and all, as a beautiful mess.  You are refreshing and a gifted man.  I am so glad that I had an opportunity to be with you.  
I would like to keep in contact with you.  I used to work as a booking agent for another healer that I worked with before; he is the only other healer that I would refer others to, until you, because he like you does not abandon the process.  I would like to talk with you about booking you here in my area, so I can work with you again, as well as have you work with others.  Let me know if you are open to that.

I want to mention that if we ever have a photo opp again, it will have to be before you work on me, due to my hair and I cried off all my makeup.  :) Namaste.Many Blessings KMM"

"Barry…thanks for “luring” me into your little corner……man, you were good medicine for this much in need body of mine. I had no idea what to expect…..but as you said, ”perhaps it was the reason I was there”……Your energy, strength, and ‘cut to the chase’ attitude is what it took for me to be kind to myself……and allow my body to get a ‘fix’ from your healing touch…………I will head to the hot springs…..there is one at the end of my road…..a magic place.  Keep me posted when you are in the area next……and if you need a ‘camp’…..there’s one here...with peace and solitude…..All the best….." G


"Thanks Barry for all your skillful help. I am releasing loads. Hope to see you next year." MB  

Spiritual Healing Guide in Kentucky Energy Healing in Kentucky  

    "I will warn you, Barry's sessions are not inexpensive, but I will also say that Barry has a unique and real healing ability ... and he's fast." My personal experience


Barry, Thank you for healing me. It was a wild ride! You are the real deal and I so appreciate you taking a chance on me. I will send you $150 on April and May 15th to cover the cost of my treatment this weekend. Love and Gratitude, JP  April 2009

"Dear Barry, You worked on me last fall in San Diego shortly after my third miscarriage, and gave me an extraordinary healing. I look forward to seeing you again this time around in San Diego and will likely bring my Mom, who might want to get a short healing from you, and perhaps also MK, for you to meet. I credit your healing, along with that of a Philippine psychic healer Marcos Orbito with his helper, and another by ET Ron, all of which happened in the span of two days over that one weekend, with his safe and successful arrival here. MK was born on July 2 this year, after I spent almost four months on bed rest, and both he and I are healthy and happy. You had worked on me once before a few years back and had given me a good healing then; although I saw you at the expos since, I didn’t feel like I had to get another healing from you after that for a while (OK, so price was an issue as well, although your healings are worth every penny). Last year, once I learned that you were participating, I made a beeline to your booth as I just knew that I had to work with you – it was a very strong inner feeling and I figured I better go with it. I am glad I did. If I can convince my husband to give it a try, he will also come along (he has nothing in particular against good healings, but is hard to talk into coming along to get one). I look forward to working with you again. With best wishes, KTS

Wow – what an amazing experience.  I had no special expectations but just decided to put myself on the “things to do list” and invest in me (what a thought, huh!

15 minutes after I left my session with you, I was amazed when I got out of the car pain free.  For at least a year my knees and feet have hurt every time I get up or down or walk.  Come to think of it, I even had pain laying down!  Imagine my surprise when I got out of the car.  I went to rehearsal that night for a play I’m in and what a surprise to find I could even do the dance steps without pain.  Then I was even more pleasantly surprised when I went to bed and found I didn’t need the sleep apnea device – my windpipe was clear.

I do believe in miracles – and I can see you’re one of them.   Please keep me on your mailing list and I look forward to your next visit to Big Bear, or at least Southern California! 

"Barry, Still processing my session with you yesterday but wanted to drop a line to let you know that YOU ROCKED MY WORLD!  I've had a lot of body work over the years, but you topped them all.  You put a spell on me......and it was a little strange to let a stranger just dig right into all of my "tissues and issues" but I had complete trust that you knew what you were doing and where you were going with your incredible sight.  

Just checked your website and  "What my clients have to say"  LOL!  That was me! (first comment)  Except she didn't say she had her mouth muffled!  : )  Hope to see you there next year! Best to you and your touring schedule! Namaste, J B

"Dear Barry,

I just want to tell you that the the experience I had with you was profoundly amazing.  you helped me to open more and heal, I trusted you, but it hurt too.  I feel like I went through a number of deaths.  I wonder what would happen if I had another session with you.  You have a powerful presence.  You are a mysterious, happy and powerful conduit for everything. If you saw anything and did not tell me, then please tell me". mc

"Thank you for calling Barry,  if  I wasn't here at work, I would have relayed to you my out of body experiences from last night. was incredible!  I met a man, a bird, but it was the woman with the long grey hair who was waiting for me." mc

Dear Barry,

I'm glad we met! Thanx for the healing.  I feel like you opened up some areas that I had kept walled up for a long time.  Those areas are very achey today.  I know that I have a lot of work to do, and have found a discovery support group in my area, facilitated by a hypnotherapist and reiki master.   Please keep me on your mailing list.  I think I need to some more work with you. Sincerely, "CJ"


" Thank you for the healing yesterday. I haven't had a greater range of motion turning my head to the right in 15 years since my surgery! The emotional cleansing has lifted pounds off of me". LM

"Hey, Mr. Healer!

I recently met you at the "Mind, Body, Spirit" expo in Chicago (actually, Skokie).  Before my treatment, you had asked of conditions.  I mentioned epilepsy but forgot about my extra vertibrae, and cervical disc issue.  Your treatment was amazing, although a few times I was certain I would jump off the table- not really pain, more so the freeing of restraint.  The laughter you brought to the surface of my body was such a relief from the mask I had been wearing for so long.  I don't know how much you weigh,  but when you were on my back the pressure only felt like 20 pounds or so.  Immediately after my treatment, I realized that the previously limited right rotation of my head was almost gone (and still is for the most part), my back is more flexible and did you incorporate lymphatic drainage?  I think you did because about 1 day later I began to drain and develop a sinus issue but not the type of cold I usually suffer from once near the end of the summer and middle of winter.

I will look for you in February and will bring a few willing bodies with me.  Thanks for the wonderful treatment.  I'm glad I met you." JJ