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Resurrection Therapy

  • Awaken Spirituality

  • Balance Emotions

  • Clear Trauma/Stress

  • Increase Mental Clarity

  • Enjoy Sexual Well Being

  • Create Fulfilling Relations

  • Activate Financial Freedom

Drive-By Healings !!! Please Note Events not accessible Barry can Come to You Barry literally drives from coast to coast multiple times a year and as such can make arrangements to do one, two, three or more treatments a year as needed in your individual space or a location nearby. To find out more call or email.

Individual ·  Group · In-Person ·  By Phone · In Call/Out Call

Cell (513) 289-3930


 "You are a co-creator. Should you relinquish that privilege, that honor, that blessing, that gift, you then forfeit your humanity, your divinity, you become null and void in a consciousness of spirit and you no longer matter. You are void. To return to the frequency of matter you must choose. Choice equals life equals being. You then matter."     Barry Helm

Healing is a process and an investment in that process and a willingness to take responsibility for that process."      Barry Helm

"Authentic spirituality is revolutionary. It does not console the world, it shatters it. It does not legitimize the world, it breaks the world, And it does not render the self-content, it renders it undone."       Ken Wilbur   

"Unless the possibility of genuine transformation is actually declared unless one is willing to demonstrate  it publicly, no one is even going to know it is possible."       Andrew Cohen

Some recent testimonials:  "Barry I have felt enormous changes in my body and my thinking and my heart after your session with me at the Melbourne Auditorium. Thank you so much. B    Thanks Barry, I  have been feeling awesome with forward movement. It was totally an amazing experience. I will see you in May. (new client)    Yes. I'm definitely interested and I also have a friend and a sister that are interested. I would love to know what it is that you did to me to lose weight. I feel so good. new client (a week later)"  Hello and good day Barry! As you read this note, please accept my gratitude for the treatment when you were in Daytona Beach. The lecture and the time on your table are turning out to be a significant catalyst for some quantum leaps in my life. There are some powerful, universal laws that have come into view or, become more clear, since meeting you. All my best and thanks (to your spirit and your angels) C.  Question: You helped with pain on the left side where the liver is. You mentioned female anger. Could the healing have helped unclog, release blood in stool? It was there for 2 days and now gone. Thanks, C.   Hi Barry, I have been feeling awesome with forward movement. It was totally an amazing experience. I will see you in May.   Hey Barry! Thanks for checking in on me. I'm really good! A lot of emotions coming up but feeling strong and capable! Thanks again, Can't wait to get a session when you return.   Thank you for my treatment. I am feeling much more grounded and happy with being on earth.

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Barry's 2020  Schedule

  • February 15, 16 Exhibiting New Life Expo Boca Raton, Florida 1-516-897-0900

  • March 7, 8 Speaking and Exhibiting Body Mind Spirit Expo Chicago, Illinois 1-541-482-3722 

  • June 13, 14  Speaking and Exhibiting Body Mind Spirit Expo Raleigh, North Carolina 1-541-482-3722

  • June 22, 23 Speaking and Exhibiting Body Mind Spirit Expo Tampa, Florida 1-541-482-3722

  • July 11, 12 Speaking and Exhibiting Body Mind Spirit Expo Miami, Florida 1-541-482-3722

  • August 8, 9 Dubuque Psychic and Paranormal Expo, Dubuque, Iowa FacebookGroup 1-319-213-097

  • September 4-6 Exhibiting OHM Expo Los Angeles, California OHM Expo

  • September 19, 20 Speaking and Exhibiting Los Angeles (Pasadena), California 1-541-482-3722

  • October 31 & November 1 Exhibiting Crystal Ranch Holistic and Energy Expo 1-630-551-6965

  • November 7, 8 Speaking and Exhibiting Body Mind Spirit Expo Houston, Texas 1-541-482-3722

  • November 21, 22 Speaking and Exhibiting Body Mind Spirit Expo Tampa, Florida 1-541-482-3722


BARRY HELM can be compared to healers such as "JOHN the BAPTIST"

 OMG I can make a fist with my left hand and I haven't been able to grasp anything with that hand since I snapped a tendon 21 years ago. And I just walked/ran on the treadmill. My hip pain didn't even occur. It usually happens around the mile point. C.M.

Through Barry's unique process of 'ACTIVATION' I have literally let go of the barriers that were trapped inside my mind and body. I call this "cellular misalignments" physical energy trapped within as a result of years of accumulated stress, emotional trauma, addictions. BARRY HELM scans the body with 'HEALING HANDS" and intuitively release's the fragmented energy while easing the mind and ridding the body of all discord.  hands down the most "powerful healing I Have ever experienced. , my body was activated and I received the internal "buzzing activation after my 1st  treatment  ., .... Deanna Cook "

I recommend getting 2 treatments, the first seems to clear the internal clutter the second opens the heart. My life is radically more comfortable. Sexual energy is through the roof, my business conflicts smoothed out, I feel more connected, happier, and more relaxed.  

"Barry is an amazingly gifted healer. I scheduled a treatment with an open mind and the experience was everything and MORE than I ever expected. My body buzzed with a bright and calming energy. I had a major "SHIFT" during this time and was healed from many negative past experiences. The deep work was tough but necessary to clear me of all the pent up junk that needed releasing. I lived the experience and can't wait for another treatment........Robin Shipley   

"Barry is a true HEALER, I have shifted 360 degrees. My business is better, energy is amazing, relationships are better. I cannot thank Barry enough. 

"GET ACTIVATED " you will never be sorry you did. my back ached from my accident all the time, I'm now free of all pain. poof gone, Barry seems to clear out the internal closets with his hands of GOD                        Jenn S      Nov 5, 2012  

"Barry's touch is intensely and quickly healing." His energy field is so wide he does not even need to touch you to alter your energy.      "Tianna"  September 2, 2012

                     I am looking forward to seeing you at one of these events!  




"Her Scream split the sky Stars and planets plummeted Bringing gifts of power and truth With her feet firmly planted She breathed in their gifts Swallowing them whole Deep into her belly they sank Providing the power To initiate her nuclear power plant AKA second Chakra "

Written by M after first session


AND You are my teacher and I learn from you.

I love the sparkle and color of your eyes and shape of your head.

Your hand dangles from your wrist and drips with something invisible and precious.
Your body walks physically here and consuming, and not.
I love how I feel after you rake my body removing things that were never meant to be there.
Your intonation is old and new and familiar and strange to me.
I love that you purr and growl while I am healing… easier and easier

My body forgot these feelings and now she remembers



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